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5 ways to “milk-it”

Posted on May 31, 2019

At a2 Milk™ we celebrate World Milk Day every year, naturally. But this year we’ve been thinking a little differently…

We’ve been exploring simple ideas and hacks that can help us “milk” everyday life to get the absolute most out of it! For us, a2 Milk™-ing it is a wonderful way to celebrate World Milk Day!

a2-Milk™ the weekends

Get the most out of the weekend by doing something fun that you’ve always wanted to do straight after work on a Friday. A busy Friday makes the weekend feel longer – it’s almost like having a bonus Bank Holiday.

a2-Milk™ the mornings

Apparently, it’s actually possible to train your brain into becoming a ‘morning lark’. So by getting up just an hour earlier and enjoying a cup of tea and some time to yourself, the day feels more like your own. Namaste!


a2-Milk™ the weather

The unpredictable British weather doesn’t need to keep us indoors or ruin our mood. If it’s raining, get out there and a2 Milk™ it! Our new favourite catchphrase is: “when the sky gives you rain, go and jump in puddles!”

a2 Milk™ being an adult

How many times have you, as an adult, walked past a swing or a slide and reminisced about the joy they used to bring you as a child? And exactly what age is it that you stop being able to have a little go? We say NEVER!

a2 Milk™ your commute

Beat the hustle and bustle of your daily journey by turning the time into “me-time”. As the saying goes: “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey!”. So, download a podcast, album, or book to take your mind somewhere lovely.

a2 Milk™ your….milk!

People who drink a2 Milk™ say they love the difference. a2 Milk™ is the only milk that comes from specially chosen cows that naturally produce only the A2 protein, and none of the A1 protein. 5 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot.

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