About a2 Milk™

Not all cows’ milk is the same!

a2 Milk™ is fresh cows’ milk that’s naturally easy to digest

Some cows naturally produce
only the A2 protein.

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Most cows
produce the A1 protein.

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a2 Milk™ is pure cows’ milk but unlike regular milk, it naturally contains only the easy
to digest A2 protein. 100% free from the A1 protein that many people struggle to digest.

If you think drinking regular cows’ milk is leaving you with unwanted irritations,
try a2 Milk™ and see if you, like thousands of other people, feel the difference.

How do we get pure a2 Milk™?

a2milk-fresh-purpleOriginally all cows’ milk contained only the A2 protein and no A1. Human domestication triggered the A1 protein to evolve into dairy cowherds and today the A1 protein is found in approximately 70% of cows. Regular cows’ milk is a mixture of A1 and A2 protein.

At a2 Milk™ we’re proud to be different. We work with our farmers to hand select cows that naturally produce only A2 protein and no A1. Nothing added, nothing taken away, just easier to digest cows’ milk.

 Take a Trip to Blaze Farm to Discover a2 Milk™

How we DNA test our cows on an a2 Milk™ farm

Big Difference, Little Protein

Dr Corran McLachlan

It’s all thanks to Dr Corran McLachlan who, back in 2000 learned that different cows produce milk with different proteins (A1 and A2) and that these proteins are digested differently. Until then no one had understood how significant this discovery was for those that struggle to digest milk.

He found that just by testing a sample of a cow’s hair that you could determine if their milk would contain the A1 protein. This enabled him to set up a farm with cows that produced milk free from
the A1 protein; The a2 Milk Company™.

         a2 Milk™ is now the number one premium milk in Australia outstripping sales of organic milk. The unprecedented growth in Australia led the a2 Milk Company to launch in America, China and now it’s here in the UK.

4 Decades of Supporting Evidence

There is an extensive body of scientific literature made up of over 100 independent, peer-reviewed studies that underpins A1 protein vs A2 protein digestive differences. We’ve picked just some of the most important scientific research findings to highlight below. Links to the full research papers are available here.


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