BBC News
features a2 Milk™

BBC News discusses the growth
of a2 Milk™ and a new study
that suggests lactose intolerance
symptoms could be triggered
by the A1 protein

BBC News discusses the growth of a2 Milk™ and a new study that suggests lactose intolerance symptoms could be triggered by the A1 protein found in regular in cows’ milk. Clinical research demonstrated that even though a2 Milk™ contains lactose, it could be the natural solution for millions of lactose intolerance sufferers.

The results of the study mean in the UK 1 in 5 Brits[1] who say they have issues digesting milk could return to drinking natural cows’ milk rather than resorting to processed alternatives such as lactose-free milks or artificial plant-based drinks.

Understand your intolerance…

Amina testimonial, smiling woman

“When a silly problem takes over your life it is no longer silly.”


Many people who experience unwanted side-effects when drinking milk assume it’s the lactose to blame, but as our understanding of milk intolerance grows it is becoming increasingly clear that there is more to milk intolerance than lactose. The proteins in milk also play a role; protein intolerances in other foods are well-established such as the gluten protein found in various grains like wheat and rye, but the real triggers of milk intolerance, although clinically acknowledged for over 20 years, are only recently being talked about.

What is the a2 Milk™ difference?

a2 Milk™ is 100% natural cows’ milk that only contains the easy to digest A2 protein. Regular milk found in most supermarkets contains A1 protein. It is this protein that, in some, can cause inflammation in the gut that leads to bloating, wind and digestive issues. Simply by making a change to milk that is free-from the A1 protein can mean enjoying nutritious milk once more.


Jemma Testimonial, smiling woman

“I have always been sceptical about these kind of things, I always think they are fads and couldn’t possibly work. But I had to eat my words – or drink them! The change has been phenomenal!”

Vicky Testimonial, smiling girl

“I can’t imagine going back to “normal” milk now that I’ve discovered that such a simple change – and something that involves no effort, no getting used to taste or texture – can have made such a big difference!”

Jojo Testimonial, smiling woman eating cereal

I didn’t realise that normal milk made my stomach a little upset until I tried a2.

Jo Jo

[1] SPA Future Thinking – Consumer Study – 2013

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