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90% of Netmums felt a positive difference
when they tried a2 Milk™ for just 1 week

It’s often said that Mum knows best, so when the most popular Mums
networking site tell us they feel better with a2 Milk™, who are we to argue?

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Lottie has thrived & enjoys it whole heartedly. For myself & my partner this gives us full confidence & assurances that our daughter is getting nothing but the best. We will definitely be trusting this brand with our family shop.

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My kids drink milk a lot more than they use to! My 9-year-old son says his tummy feels better when drinking a2 Milk.

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My youngest has been able to drink much more milk without having tummy ache, plus it has encouraged my elder 2 children to drink more milk which can only be a good thing.

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Milk is a staple part of a child’s diet and it can feel incredibly worrying if your child won’t drink it, or it triggers problems when they do. Netmums have told us that milk can cause symptoms from reflux, constipation, runny poo, skin problems like eczema and mucus build up. These can contribute to an unsettled little one that’s not getting enough sleep (and that goes for the parents too).

If your child is struggling to digest milk, it might be useful to know that not all cows’ milk is the same. Anyone, including children and babies can react to the A1 protein in regular milk. And when Netmums experiencing these problems used a2 Milk™ (free from the A1 protein), 90% of them told us that they felt a positive difference.

a2 Milk™ is not suitable for cows’ milk protein allergy and we recommend that If you’re worried that your child has a problem with cows’ milk you follow the guidance of your doctor.

Cutting out milk should be a last resort and only done if advised by a doctor because it provides:


17% of all the energy a
child will need for the day

More than 20% of
their protein needs


Brain development &
metabolic function
33% of their iodine needs


Calcium absorption
16% of their
Vitamin D needs


Strong bones and teeth
A whopping 54%
of their calcium needs!

A note about breastfeeding

Interestingly, although human breast milk is naturally free from A1 protein, it passes from Mum to baby if they have regular cows’ milk. So by switching to a cows’ milk that is free from the A1 protein, symptoms of digestive discomfort associated with A1 protein sensitivity, such as bloating, gas or abdominal pain, may be reduced or avoided. Because a2 Milk™ only contains the A2 protein which many find easier to digest than the A1 protein, it is naturally gentle on little tummies. For more information on what to eat when you’re breastfeeding, have a look at this Netmums article.

Babies’ digestive systems are immature and not able to digest cow’s milk safely before 12 months.

The Department of Health recommend whole cows’ milk and full fat dairy products can be introduced at 12 months old and semi-skimmed from 2 years old.

Intolerance or allergy

Cows’ milk allergy and intolerance are the most common of all food allergies in children. It normally presents itself in the first few months of a child’s life and many children do ‘grow out’ of the condition by 1-3 years of age. It affects 2 – 5% of children. If you think your child has an allergy or an intolerance you should speak to your doctor.

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*In a poll of 155 Netmums members, 85% would recommend a2 Milk™ to a friend.

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