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Yes, a2 Milk™ is naturally occurring cows’ milk; it’s not a result of a technological process or genetic engineering. We simply select cows that produce only A2 protein.

Yes indeed; a2 Milk™ contains exactly the same amount of nutrients, calcium, protein, vitamins and fat as regular milk.

Doctors recommend whole milk for children over 12 months and semi skimmed milk, for children over the age of two.

However, children with a medically diagnosed allergy to cows' milk protein or lactose should not drink a2 Milk™, or any other natural cows' milk.

Our farmers ensure that their cows are treated in exactly the same way in which A1 cows are treated.

Our cows are just the same as any other cow, they just produce milk with the A2 protein. They haven't been tampered with or modified in any way. All we do is separate out and milk the A2-certified cows from the rest of the herd to guarantee pure fresh a2 Milk™.

If you are reintroducing milk into your diet, it's important that you do it gradually.

To begin with, consume a small quantity, for instance in a cup of tea, and look out for typical symptoms developing over the next 24 hours. If nothing happens, consume a second quantity of milk the following day and assess again for symptoms. If symptoms persist, continued avoidance of milk is required.

If you have had a diagnosed milk allergy it's important that you only introduce cows' milk on the advice of a health care professional.

In the 1990s New Zealand based scientist Dr. Corran McLachlan researched why more and more people were having adverse reactions to drinking cows’ milk. He found that milk contains different proteins including A1 and A2 and that they digest differently. As his research progressed, he uncovered that not all cows' milk is the same and there are in fact cows that naturally produce only the A2 protein in their milk. On the back of this discovery, he set up The a2 Milk Company to pioneer understanding in this area.

British A2-certified farms. We work with our farmers in Shropshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire and North Wales who carefully select cows that do not produce the A1 protein. There is a rigorous process to become an A2-certified farm and as a result, we support our farmers through their journey to build up our British A1 protein free cow herds.

As part of Dr. McLachlan's research, he discovered that cow herds contain 2 types of cow beyond different breeds of cows. Those that produce the A1 and A2 protein in their milk and those that produce just the A2 protein. After Dr. McLachlan found this out he developed a simple DNA test to identify the cows producing just the A2 protein, allowing farmers to select them from their herds. This test isn't painful or invasive for the cows in any way, a sample of hair from their tail is taken and tested.

Yes, you can freeze a2 Milk™ just like you can any other milk. You just need to decant it from its carton and into a suitable container before freezing.

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