a2 Milk

The a2 Milk Company has made the difficult decision to discontinue a2 Milk™ in the UK.

Last deliveries into supermarkets were made this week.

Going forward, we are recommending our customers discuss any alternatives with a health care professional, like a GP, as they are best placed to understand specific dietary requirements.

If you have any further questions call us on 01252 560154 or click below.

Thank you for supporting a2 Milk™

Fresh cows’ milk that naturally contains only the A2 protein.

Many people who drink a2 Milk™ say they love the difference.

It’s the only milk that comes from specially chosen cows that naturally produce only the A2 protein, and none of the A1 protein.

With help from our a2 Milk™ farmers, we ensure that every drop of natural a2 Milk™ is free from the A1 protein commonly found in regular cows’ milk.

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