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    a2 Milk™: Whole milk

    Tesco and Morrisons no longer sell a2 Milk whole. You may not drink whole milk but thousands of children and their families rely on this product so they can get on with their everyday life without worry. It would mean the world to us if you could take a minute to follow the links below and tell the supermarkets how you feel about a2 Milk, especially whole milk. Retailers tell us that they listen to their customers so voicing your opinion will make a difference.



    To request a2 Milk™ from your local Tesco, use the contact form on this link.

    0330 123 4040 (Choose option 4)

    Morrisons logoTo request a2 Milk™ from your local Morrisons, use the contact form on this link.

    0345 611 6111 (Choose option 3)

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